This is a foundation that helps everyone whoever is in a necessary situation. Their aim is to bring global health and try to maintain the same throughout the population. They lent their support to many different charitable organizations around the globe and the foundation Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood have remained passionate about the social causes. The donations made by the foundation has accelerated the enaction of many welfares and different medical facilities for the people in need.

financial charity

Besides SickKids foundation that helps the needy children and teens to get a purpose in their life, the foundation has funded the Aga Khan University’s best line of medical equipment and building the centre for the innovation in the medical education department.

The Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood both have remained loyal to the long term goal of creating an inclusive global society and sustainable society through the creation of excellent and accessible medical facilities.

Redefining the boundaries with the Dawood foundation:

The SickKids foundation has faced many financial roadblocks from the time of its foundation in the year of 1875. Without substantial funding, it goes difficult for the organization to maintain the medical facilities in the areas that have been stricken with poverty. Due to the support over the years, they are now able to maintain the funding of medical research and healthcare initiatives. You can also join this movement towards making difference in the population and bringing in happiness to the deserving population of the world.